Offering Expertly Guided Wine Tours in the Charlottesville Area

The owners/guides at Monticello Appellation Wine Tours offer their expertise to provide a unique Virginia wine tour experience.

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Chris, originally from Vermont, is a bartender / restaurant manager turned vineyard owner and now tour guide. He has worked at Café Europa in Hilton Head, and in Napa Valley at Catahoula Restaurant and Meadowood Resort, training staff to serve some of the best wines in the business.

Before moving to Charlottesville, VA, he quit the restaurant business to gain experience creating wine instead of serving it, working as a “cellar rat” at Newlan Winery in Napa.

Erika, originally from California, grew up an “embassy brat” overseas, in a family that loved to enjoy life with wonderful friends, food, and wine.

Her background includes marketing and convention work with the airlines, hotel industry, and wine industry.

While starting Monticello Appellation Wine Tours (originally Arcady Vineyard Wine Tours), Chris and Erika built Arcady Vineyard Bed and Breakfast and planted a small vineyard out back, from which they made an Amorone-style dessert wine to serve at the B&B for turndown. The B&B has recently been purchased by Kathy and David Geist who are the current innkeepers.

Because Google search prefers two separate companies not to have the same name, Arcady Vineyard Wine tours has been changed to “Monticello Appellation Wine Tours”, while the B&B has remained Arcady Vineyard B&B.

Monticello Appellation Wine Tour guides constantly check new vintages as they are released, and each new winery as they open. So come! Join us for a relaxing, entertaining day of wine tasting and touring with a wonderful gourmet lunch, special food pairing, or a delicious deluxe local cheese plate!

“Chris is a great guide, and gave us an overview of the local wine industry. He explained what works in Virginia vs others (California, Europe, etc). The vineyards he chose for our tour only served estate grown wines. Everyone knew him at all the tasting rooms, and he made sure that we were given extra special service.” ~ Guest Comment