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October 16, 2006

Hello out there! We thought it would be easier to create a blog to talk about the tours rather than trying to change our website every week. We run a small wine tasting tour company in Central Virginia, Arcady Vineyard Wine Tasting Tours.

People ask all kinds of questions before they book, and during the tours. We hope to answer some of these questions as they pop up.

This past week, for instance, some of our returning guests remarked that the wineries seemed a little “commercial” over their last visit – did not give them quite the attention they had previously received. Their timing was the reason, really, not that the wineries had changed that much.

Their first visit had been in January- when things are quieter in the vineyards and the wineries. This is more of a “down” time when the owners and employees catch their breath and take their vacation time. When you come and visit at this time they can sit down with you and chat to your heart’s desire!

But this second visit was in October – the middle of harvest time! This guest was getting a trade off bonus during this tour and didn’t realize it. True, the owner did not sit down and chat with them – but the group had the chance to watch him from just 10 feet away as he was running the grape destemmer! That’s the contraption that takes the grapes in the top and on one side out come the grapes and on the other side out comes the stems. They also were allowed to taste the grapes fresh out of the vineyard.

So remember when you are visiting our vineyards during this time of year that often the families and employees running the wineries are operating on very little sleep – when it’s time to pick and destem or crush, they have to do it right then and there. Whether it’s midnight or during peak visiting hours. Your tradeoff as a visitor is possibly a peek at the action!

Remember – conserve water – live green – drink Virginia Wine!!

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