Monday, October 30, 2006

Tours have been running just great! It’s been gorgeous driving around the wineries with the leaves turning.

We took a day off running the tours to go to brunch and then to the Monticello Wine Festival held at the Boar’s Head Inn the weekend of October 21. This festival is held every year at this time.

It was great fun to see everyone from all the wineries and do some tasting ourselves! We like to keep up with the new vintages and they were delicious.

As you can see by these photos the wineries set up in tents and guests go from one to the other for tasting with a glass you receive for a very reasonable entrance fee. In the middle there are tables to sit and relax, and they have water set up for rinsing your glass.

Lucky for us all our favorites were there so we were able to taste all the new vintages that have recently been released, like Cardinal Point’s new Cabernet Franc Reserve. Yum.

We were quick to find Brad McCarthy (left with Chris) and get a pour of his recently released Viognier which we enjoyed with some great music!

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