Wine Country B&B – Progress!

We are starting to get excited! After 8 months of wrangling we have finally gotten our land changes and now have roadside access. Then 4 weeks of work getting the heat and air guys in to set up the wing with the suites…3 weeks to get the plumber in to do a “walk through” to confirm our layout is okay…then finally! The FOURTH company we hired to put up the drywall for the suites actually came and did the work!! Yipee! Here is a view from the vineyard (which will be replanted this spring) towards the B&B.

My Aunt Bette sent us some of my grandparents’ furniture and we have the two tables and chairs we need to start out the dining room – when we add the other wing we’ll add the other tables.
I still have to get some decorative drapes. Not much, since we love to watch the deer as we dine, so we’re sure our guests will too! We tested out the tables at Thanksgiving and they work just fine.
Below is a photo of the French Suite – The Lafayette Suite. We are designing them from different countries or continents. The second suite will be the African Suite – named after James Armistead who was probably the first African-American spy for the rebel Americans against the British who worked very closely with and became good friends with Lafayette.

As you can see the drywall is finally up! Now we just have to prime the walls, put in the flooring, paint and put in the moulding and gas fireplace and furnish it! Nuthin’ to it!!!

The suites will be very spa-like, with steam showers, whirlpool tubs, all kinds of goodies to make a great getaway for our guests.

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