Brits to taste Virginia wines in London!

A group of six virginia wineries have formed “The Virginia Wine Experience in London, LLC” to take a sampling of Virginia wines to London, England, to be tasted in celebration of the 400th Anniversary of the British settling Jamestown.

It’s a great way to point out that Virginia is said to be the first location in America where English settlers attempted to grow vineyards.

The selection runs the whole gambit of wines that we take our guests to taste on our wine tours. We found a website that shows the whole list that was selected to be sent to the London tasting in May at

The selection of varietals bottled here in Central Virginia have been growing that we can see in the three years we have been running wine tours. We are excited to see new (to us) local varietals such as Touriga, the Portugese grape most commonly known as the varietal that is used to make Port.

We are also happy to report that more wineries will be working on sparkling wines! We used to only be able to find one or two to taste, and have learned that more are to come in the very near future.

Recently out tasting, doing research without guests, we have been lucky enough to be present when the Viognier 2006 at Keswick was being checked after bottling, and were able to have a taste. It’s great! This year it is dry and really full of fruit.

Randy at First Colony has FINALLY released the red dessert wine (now just like Champagne has to be “sparkling wine”, I guess all ports have to be “dessert wine”). It is well worth the wait and I can see serving it at the B&B in the evening with a dark chocolate as a turn down amenitiy. Yum!

We also happened by Blenheim when Brad was in and had just bottled his Petit Verdot and Cabernet Franc. They were both so delicious I forgot to check the vintage year but assume it is from 2006. Wonderfully smooth! I can’t wait for them to be labled so I can get my hands on some for our B&B cellar to keep under lock and key for our check in afternoon blind wine tastings!

We’ll report more later as more new bottlings are released.


Erika N Chris

1 thought on “Brits to taste Virginia wines in London!

  1. I tried some Virginian wines two months ago when Governor Kane came to Kent. I was very impressed. I think you’ll all be equally amazed at English wines too! World Class sparkling wines and some excellent aromatic white wines. If only it wasnt such an enormous faff to get them over to you! But we’ll persevere and you’ll get a treat!
    Best wishes to all in Virginia/Jamestown on this historic year for you.
    Frazer Thompson
    CEO, English Wines Group plc

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