Choosing a Wine Tour in Virginia

After four years of running wine tours in Charlottesville, we have found that not all tours are equal. We love what we do, so don’t rely on employees because, frankly, we don’t think they would take care of our guests like we do. Just go out to dinner these days and see what kind of service you can get. It’s not consistantly good, even when spending a lot of money!

Here are some questions to ask while booking:

1. Do you charge a gratuity fee/fuel surcharge?

Arcady Vineyards does not charge any additional fees above what we quote. Our rate is the rate, period. How do we avoid these additional fees, some of which are as high as 20%? We drive comfortable SUVs rather than large expensive limos. And we drive our tours ourselves. Besides, Riki dosen’t like limos. Wouldn’t be caught in one, much less driving one. And we don’t leave them running outside the winery the whole time the guests are inside tasting.

2. Do you include tasting fees?

Arcady Vineyard includes in their rate all regular and reserve tasting fees. We are suprised at how many tour companies don’t include them, so ask! The fees on a 4 winery tour can run from $8 to $54 per couple. That’s a lot to add onto the tour rate!!

3. Do you provide anything to eat?
Arcady Vineyard includes a sizeable cheese/fruit/chocolate plate (shown here) with all tours, no extra charge. We don’t want you drinking for four hours without anything in your tummy!
Or, you can request the served lunch if you like, at the additional charge of $20 per person. But our lunch is not a sandwich that you grab at a little grocery store on the way, or a puny box lunch. Oh no! We offer a true Wine Country served picnic lunch with cheese platter, gourmet sandwich, kettle chips and freshly baked pastry all from our favorite gourmet shops here in Charlottesville. And it’s all served on crisp old-world linens with Rosenthal China and silver.. to make you feel truly pampered and tell the folks walking by, “Sorry – no photographs, please!”

4. Do you escort us all the way into the winery and explain the wines and tasting procedures?
Again, Arcady Vineyard is with you all the way through your tour. We answer questions, help you find your way around to the tasting area, and make sure you have a great time!
We see lots of tour drivers outside by their vehicles waiting for the guests that they just dropped off. That’s convenient if you just don’t want to drive, but not if you want a true tour guide to show you the ropes!”

5. How many guests are on the tour with us?
Arcady Vineyard Wine Tours’s standard tour takes only two couples per van. This way you’ll be sure to sit next to your sweetie while making new friends, but not be part of a big impersonal pack. However, if you are a group of 5 or 6 we’ll toss you in the van for a fun afternoon, since a group that size normally does not care about seating arrangements!

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