New Tasting Room at Carter’s Mountain in Charlottesville

As our little Wine Country Oasis known as Arcady Vineyard Bed & Breakfast continues to grow with our luxury accommodations and wine tours, we grow more excited every day as new things to do crop up just minutes down the road.

We’re blessed to be located in a cluster of wineries and history – with Jefferson’s Monticello, Monroe’s Ashlawn Highland, Michie Tavern, Carter’s Mountain pick your own fruit, Jefferson Vineyard, Blenheim Vineyard, Kluge Farm Shop, Brix Country Store and First Colony just miles away, and only 6.5 miles to downtown Charlottesville.

Now we can add Carter’s Mountain new Wine Tasting Room and Virginia Wineworks to that list! I wonder what they will come up with next!

Pictured above is the final approach to Carter’s Mountain to the apple and peach orchards and shop. They have been growing fruit for some time now, including the grape vines which are a beautiful sight as you reach the top.

We have always enjoyed sending our guests up here for the wonderful views of Charlottesville, the pick-your-own fruit, shopping, donuts and fresh apple cider. Pictured above is the store where you’ll find all these treasures.
But something new has arrived! To the left of the store is a new building that houses a tasting room for wine tasting! The wines are created at Prince Michel, , a winery located north of Charlottesville just off highway 29. Some of the wines are made with the fruit you see right there on Carter’s Mountain.

While the wines were quite nice – (we purchased a Pinot Grigio) I do hope that once they are open for a good while they change to regular glassware instead of the little plastic shot glasses for the tastings. The staff were very knowledgeable, but I had to take their word for it when they described the nose of the wines. All I could smell was plastic and there was no way you could swirl to get a sniff.

I suggest that you be sure not to taste up here on an empty stomach, or if you have not eaten get some of the yummy munchies up here or bring a picnic from Brix Country Store or Feast! since the drive back down is just a tad steep and you want all your wits about you when you leave.
There is a great selection in the shop if you need to bring something home to mom or the sitter.

Sit down a spell and play a game of checkers! Or just wander out back and enjoy the view of Charlottesville all the way to the University of Virginia and beyond.

The other great new find was Virginia Wineworks, located just past First Colony Vineyard. They had an opening day for the public so we went there with one of our wine tours. This is not a venue that we would normally go to with tours, as it is a “Custom Crush” winery. This means that a local grape grower now has a way to produce wine without having to purchase the necessary equipement which costs a small fortune, and is only used once a year. (Ever hear the old joke? Question: “How does one make a small fortune in the wine industry? Answer: “Start with a large one!”
Pictured above are the two partners who own Virginia Wineworks assisting the public that day behind the pouring table. To the left is Philip Stafford, and to the right is Michael Shaps.
The winery produces their own wines as well as assisting clients do the same, and we were able not only to taste the bottled wine but also wine from the barrels which was great fun. Pictured left is Michael Shaps using a “wine thief” to draw wine from the barrel for guests to taste.

For a tasting appointment – one must call ahead to schedule at (434)923-8314 but you can purchase their wines in retail stores as well under the Michael Shaps and Virginia Wineworks lables.

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