Springtime in the Virginia Wine Country!

It’s finally spring and the vines have budded! Chris now has to fit in vineyard management around driving the wine tours. As you can see in the photo below the baby clusters have formed. We were thrilled that we had no freezes to worry about this spring. The gardens at Arcady Vineyard Bed & Breakfast are blooming too and with all this rain they are looking great! Now, if we can just keep up with the weeding…

We’ve had a little time to go and taste some of the new releases, and we’re impressed!

The semi sweet whites at Cardinal Point are stellar again this year. Even proclaimed “Red Wine Only” wine drinkers on our tours have fallen for them. They are mildly semi-sweet and very clean, crisp and refreshing – perfect with spicy foods.

Pollak has a new Pinot Gris that they left on the skins for more flavor and it’s absolutely delicious as is the whole lineup. We also found all the reds wonderful – the Cabernet Franc is soooo smooth! The only thing they’re worried about right now is running out of wine before the year is out!!

King has a lovely lineup as well. I am especially fond of their Rosé this year! It has a great grapefruit essence to it that will be perfect on a sunny day.

We also stopped by Mountfair north of town. Their Bordeaux blends are something we really enjoy, and they told us that they will also soon be carrying Brad’s Reisling which will be called, well, -Brad’s Reisling”. (Another favorite local winemaker -Brad McCarthy)

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