Wine Tasting on Saturday, January 30

For all you wine tasters out there, we are possibly getting anywhere from 2-6 inches of snow Friday Night through Saturday, depending on the forecaster.

We are planning to scape off the tour van and run the scheduled tours but will call the wineries around 10-11 am to see if the roads are clear for driving first.

If they are, everyone will be open. A snowstorm does not usually cause them to close unless it gets bad enough that the employees can’t drive out to serve you.

We have run great tours in the snow in the past. It’s pretty and the fireplaces will be burning bright!

To check if your winery is ready for business on Saturday, go to and on the left side select, “find a winery”. Scroll down and click on the letter – for example Virginia Wineworks is having a special barrel tasting on Saturday and Sunday, so for that click on “V” and scroll down to Virginia Wineworks. Click on “details” for the phone number, website, and directions.

See you in the Tasting Rooms!


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