Saturday, July 28 at Virginia Wineworks

This should be fun!!! 

Virginia Wineworks, home of Michael Shaps wine, will be presenting a blind Chardonnay tasting featuring wines from Virginia and other countries.

Four flights of four Chardonnays will be poured from major producing regions. They’re pitting Virginia against the rest of the wine producing regions of the world! Included will be wines from California and France. Cheese and paté will be served as well!

What is so much fun with these tastings is that you’ll be tasting blind and encouraged to compare and make notes. When the winners are announced, there are always great surprises!

This reminds me of an international wine tasting that was held in Washington DC a year or so ago and the experts all declared Michael Shap’s Reserve Chardonnay of Virginia as “obviously from Burgundy, France!”

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