Trump Winery reinvented….again!

 We visited Trump again this past weekend and found there is yet another new manager! There are new plans and changes in the tastings again as well. Rather than serving the larger portions in the carafes which were plenty for two, they have joined the rest of the wineries in the area in serving single size tastings.
Now instead of charging anywhere from $18 – $25 for oversized tastings in carafes that you enjoy on your own sitting outside, they are conducting regular tastings at the bar (at least while we were there). When I asked how they planned to handle the busy crowds this fall (the tasting bar fits about 12 -15 people) I was told that they were going to change the large food display bar.
From what I understand they will leave a small corner of the food display bar, and renovate the rest of it into a tasting bar. That might be big enough.

In the past the problem with the farm shop that Kluge built was always space. The majority of the seating is outdoors, so when it’s too hot, rainy or cold there has never been enough room to fit all the people the marketing team brings in for tastings.
While we will miss the former manager Billy, who we understand left to assist his wife in her booming new business, we wish the new management much luck and are looking forward to the changes!

2 thoughts on “Trump Winery reinvented….again!

  1. What??? A new manager? What happened to Don??? We loved Billy, but as frequent guests saw such an improvement when Don was there!

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