Bubbles in Charlottesville Wine Country!

Just a quick note to those who enjoy the bubbles! We think there are some super Champagne-style sparkling wines made here in the Charlottesville area, but again the wineries here are victims of their success!

There used to be several wineries where tasters could enjoy samples of sparkling wines, but at this time the only winerues offering sparkling to taste in the immediate Charlottesville area are Trump Vineyards, (formerly Kluge) and Mountfair, usually known for their Bordeaux Blends. At Mountfair right now they are pouring the wonderful Thibaut-Janisson Blanc de Chardonnay.

The reason is that the wineries are now immensely popular for weddings, and as it takes two years to make a Champagne-style sparkling wine (second fermentation is in the bottle, creating the bubbles, then aged) the weddings have purchased most of the available sparkling wine. While Trump has three – two of which my favorites are the Blanc de Noir and the Sparkling Rosé.

Because of this many wineries don’t even have it for sale, much less tasting. It’s all already purchased by the booked weddings!

But wait!!! Recently we purchased the new sparkling from Afton Mountain Vineyards and WOW! It is delicious and we highly recommend it!! It is named Bollicine (not sure of the spelling since I don’t have the bottle here but I do recall the Smiths told me it meant “tiny bubbles” in Italian). This wine is not available for tasting, but is for sale at the moment. And it is a WINNER!!

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