Tasting Updates from Charlottesville Wine Country

Most wineries right now have about 5 -6 wines to taste – some like Pollak and Stinson have more.

Operating costs are rising as we can attest to here at Arcady Vineyard B&B and the wineries are feeling it too. Tasting fees have risen a bit – most are now up to $7 – $10 – it’s pretty much averaging a dollar a taste. Still a much better deal than some other areas like Napa where we are hearing that $20 – $30 are the norm.

Out and about at some of our guests’ favorite wineries we see that:

  • Stinson’s wines are a huge favorite with our guests. Besides the whites, they are still pouring the Turk Mountain’s La Tour d’Afton 2009 which is a big hit with red wine lovers, as is their 2011 Meritage and Cab Franc.
  • Pollak is one of the only tasting rooms pouring a 2010 Petit Verdot – a bold flavorful red. Their Chardonnay, Viognier, and Pinot Gris remain big favorites with our tour guests. And the Mille Fleurs is just delicious. We get a chuckle from our tour guests when we taste there. The question is usually “are we tipsy or are these wines all delicious??” Don’t be so suspicious! They are that great!
  • Veritas is out of the 2012 Cabernet Franc in the tasting room – is now tasting thier 2012 Claret which is a Bordeaux blend.
  • King Family is no longer tasting the wonderful Crozet Rosé but added the “7”, a delicious port style dessert wine
See you out in the tasting rooms this winter! The fireplaces will make for a very cozy holiday experience.

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