Wine Pairing!

We get asked about wine pairing all the time. Here at Arcady, Chris has a great talent for it from his many years working in the restaurant business. Erika uses her greatest talent – guessing! 

Just like an artist, winemakers and many others in the wine world have an inborn talent for not only describing the nose and flavors in a wine, but also for matching wine with the food that brings out the best in both. 

We recently discovered a local blog where you can go to get great advice on pairing wine and creating delicious meals. Check out the Crozet Gourmet!   

When you get home with your delicious Virginia wine, and plan to enjoy some with a meal, this is the spot to go and ask what best goes with that fruity Viognier, or that full bodied Petit Verdot, and you know that dry Rosé goes with just about everything, but does it go with your sure-to-please favorite recipe? 

Get your answer here!!  (And maybe, just maybe, a brand new sure-to-please recipe to add to your list!)

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