What’s Old is New Again in Charlottesville’s Wine Country!

Arcady Vineyard Wine Tours loves stopping at Michael Shap’s Virginia Wineworks for tastings.

We’re almost sad to see that he is building a small tasting room. While tasting in the barrel room is chilly, we feel closer to the winemaking experience there!

Virginia Wineworks was the first to box their everyday quality wine which we find delicious. Since wineries are so small here in Virginia, the biggest problem we have noticed is how to make a quality everyday value wine that is affordable. The box solves this problem on many levels.

It’s the same price to create a box of wine which holds the volume of four bottles, as it is to glass bottle just one. This means that boxing the wine has brought the price down to around $10 a bottle which is super affordable when the box keeps the wine fresh for over two months after opened. Very green, and super affordable. The way wine is meant to be!!!

Now Michael may be the first in Virginia, or at least the first in Charlottesville’s Wine Country, to offer wine growlers. Just like in the Old Country, where you can trot down with your container to fill it with wine to take home, we now can go to Virginia Wineworks, buy a growler just like at the breweries, and return to fill it when it’s empty!  The winemaker plans to offer special blends just for the growlers.

This is not for wine to be stored to age – this is for your wine for the group gathering, for big party, to be consumed now.  We can’t wait to get down there to try it out!!

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