After a Wine Tasting Tour….

Our guide Chris jokes that what he wants the most after an afternoon of wine tasting is a steak and a beer! He’s not that far off, we think. We always get hungry after hitting the wineries.

Everyone has an opinion, and we certainly have ours. Here is a list of our favorites, which our guests report loving as well.

Let’s start with the Belmont Area!

MAS restaurant, a Monticello Appellation Tour favorite

We have a list of favorites in this cute district near the downtown pedestrian mall.  Pictured above is MAS Tapas at 904 Monticello Road (crossing Hinton) – a Spanish tapas restaurant. We had to take this photo early in the morning otherwise it’s so full of people you can’t see the restaurant!


Across the street from MAS is Tavola Restaurant at 826 Hinton Avenue, offering fabulous Italian cuisine! It’s small but if you have to wait for a table, no worries! In back of the restaurant is their lovely little bar where they make their own tonic – wonderful vodka tonic for us while we wait.

New Restaurant Southern Crescent Galley & Bar -at 814 Hinton Ave –  we’ve tried it for brunch…yummmmy!


Others have recommended their barbecue too. Looks like it was lifted out of Louisiana and plopped right into Belmont. It’s newly opened so we will be checking it out some more!

And lastly The Local at 824 Hinton Avenue, an eclectic favorite where you can find a variety of offerings on the menu. Everything from pasta to fish to fantastic meat loaf.


The Local has been a standard favorite of ours since we first came to Charlottesville over 10 years ago.



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